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2016 Stock Car & Cyber Stock Rules Released

No significant changes to the Stock Cars for 2016. The only change of note is that the minimum weight has been changed from 3,200lbs to 3,000lbs. No other changes.

2016 Stock Car Rules:

Cyber Stocks have seen some moderate changes & clarifications in the safety department.

Fuel cells: Must be mounted behind the driver, but in front of centerline of struts. Any left to right location is fine, but must be isolated from driver which means building their own rear firewall is OK. Cells also must be mounted to the cage and not bolted to the floorboard. Stock tanks are still legal and no changes from last year.

Seats: Must be completely mounted to cage. You cannot bolt seat to the floorboard.

Fuel Pumps: Must stop when the engine stops. Whether they tie it into the stock wire harness or oil pressure switch, doesn’t matter.

Restrictors: Will not be afraid to use restrictors next year. Anyone caught cheating the restrictor will lose all season points, prize winnings, and kicked out of the Cyber Stock class.

Weight: Minimum weight has been moved up from 2000lbs to 2400lbs.

Car Numbers: Huge problem with reading numbers from the tower in 2015. Make sure numbers are clear and contrasting so that they can be read from a 100 feet away at night. STOP BEING FANCY WITH THE NUMBER DESIGN!

2016 Cyber Stock Rules: