Cyber Stock Rules Clarification & Addendum

Recently we’ve received some questions about what cars contain “variable cam timing” engines. Since such engines are not permitted under the 2015 rules package here are the common manufacturer/engine combo’s (this clarification has been added to the rules page as well):

Honda VTEC
Ford Zetec
Toyota VVT-i & VVTL-i
GM Ecotec
Mitsubishi MIVEC

Cars with these engines are NOT permitted. This is not a complete list and is ultimately the responsibility of the driver to make sure their car does not utilize variable cam engines. If you have a question about the legality of your car please contact the speedway and we will be happy to help you research your car.

Rule Addendum

(Section: Bumpers – Subsection 2)
Aftermarket nose and tail covers will not be permitted.  Stock bumper covers are permitted. Bumper covers are not required.