Friday June 13th, 2014

UMP Late Models
Feature (20 Laps)
1.    #34 Alan Vochaska
2.    #77v Guy Volk
3.    #15 Phil Ausra
4.    #111 Curt Spalding
5.    #22 Doug Ausra
6.    #13 Justin Pauley
7.    #78 Mark Wagner
8.    #3 Pat Harding
9.    #4u Jeremy Ferguson

UMP Modifieds
Feature (20 Laps)
1.    #13 JR Hotovy
2.    #87 David Mielke
3.    #43 Mark Anderson
4.    #6 Steven Pena
5.    #222 Ryan Flagel
6.    #61 Scott Reynolds
7.    #911 Randy Frank
8.    #42h Randy Hacker
9.    #6m Dona Marcoullier
10.    #225 Jesse Bitterling
11.    #42b Bob Baldwin

Stock Cars
Feature (20 Laps)
1.    #42 Blake Spalding
2.    #29 George Zelmer
3.    #7z Paul Zelmer
4.    #12m Jeff Morse
5.    #8 Don Simmons
6.    #22 Scott Nearpass
7.    #4u Brent Sydlik
8.    #3d Dan Williams
9.    #59 Mark Barrett
10.    #0 Chris Hannan
11.    #14 Tony Stewart
12.    #11 Mark Hickmott

Cyber Stocks
Feature (10 Laps)
1.    #02 Christian Wynbelt
2.    #44 Randy Larabee
3.    #8 Don Simmons Jr.
4.    #2 Buck Spencer
5.    #88 Todd Atherton
6.    #1 Don Freeman
7.    #4 Aaron Sill
8.    #14 Gary Larabee
9.    #5xl Tiny Krum

Lucky 13 For Hotovy On Friday The 13th
Vochaska, Spalding, and Wynbelt Win

A full moon always brings an added level of superstition for racecar drivers as strange, unpredictable levels of excitement ensue, but throw in a Friday the 13th with that full moon and you have a recipe that would enthrall any race fan.

Hartford’s own JR Hotovy would find his #13 Buzzard UMP Modified in a 20 lap affair against one of the top drivers in the midwest, David Mielke. Hotovy held steady not making a mistake to claim his first victory of the 2014 race season. Mielke would finish second followed by Anderson, Pena, and Flagel.

The Detroit iron of the Stock Car division would prove unpredictable. Jeff Morse would see the bid for his third consecutive win vanish as he lost control fittingly on the 13th circuit of the race handing the lead to young rookie, Blake Spalding. On the restart Spalding easily disposed of second place runner George Zelmer and hold on to win his first ever Stock Car event in just his third start. George Zelmer would finish second, Paul Zelmer third, Morse, and Simmons fifth.

Front wheel drive Cyber Stocks captivated the crowd once again stealing the show from the bigger faster divisions of cars. The opening circuit saw a three wide pass for the lead between Aaron Sill, Wynbelt, and Atherton. On Lap two Sill tapped the #02 of Wynbelt punting his car into the third turn wall. Now, most any racecar driver will tell you that after hitting a concrete wall and suffering nothing more than a flat tire on Friday the 13th would be good enough to call it quits for the night and try again the next week, but tonight Wynbelt was on a mission to make his own luck. The #02 would stay in the fight with a flat left front tire leaving only one good drive tire on the right front. His determination would pay off as Christian Wynbelt would score his first win at Hartford Speedway.

Dowagiac’s Pat Harding would start on pole for the UMP Late Model feature event, but was quickly overhauled by the seven time track champion Alan Vochaska. A late race restart would give Curt Spalding a chance to steal the win from Vochaska, but the veteran would make a very rare mistake spinning his #111 in the second turn setting up a five lap dash to the end. Indiana’s Guy Volk would make a valiant effort, but this night would belong to the #34 of Vochaska snagging his first win of the year. Second would go to Volk, Phil Ausra third, Spalding, and Doug Ausra rounded out the top-5.

The single richest prize of the year will be paid out next Friday June 20th as UMP Modified stars from all across the midwest will converge on the ultra fast half mile for their bid on a $5000 pay day. Stock cars and Cyber Stocks will also all be in action. Racing gets under way at 8PM. For all the latest information visit our website at

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